May 31, 2022

Updated: Jul 29

American Apathy and Nihilism. Apathetic as pop culture dulls the mind into submission. Nihilistic as a person with no plan destroys all meaning and value.

Then after some clichés and stereotypes:

Well, if so, then.... Bye, Bye

Thankfully not so here, so before today's news, let me just reflect...

There is a rich culture in the U.S. you will just not find it on MSM and elitist circles. The beautiful sounds of many birds sing and echo in wooded valleys and hills. Parents hugging their children. Families lovingly labor to put food on the table with their own hands There is hope in Christ. The world is falling apart, and it has been since the Fall (Genesis 3); yet, the world is full of meaning and value in Christ. Families knit together in communities. The breeze dances green spring leaves with the hot summer blues and whites on the horizon. American Apathy and Nihilism? Well... “those that be” or “They” take advantage of a world gone bad and perpetuate problems for their own cruel ends and false solutions while they fail to take some care and stop to smell the roses.

News. Javelin and Stinger missiles were the game-changers for the West to win against Russia in the Ukraine; they ended up not. One of the problems of these kind of missiles is the distance to Russian positions typically exceed an effective distance. Some Ukrainian soldiers report, due to the heavy, constant Russian artillery, they never saw the enemy. Drones, such as the Switchblade and Kamikaze, were the next game-changers, but failed to live up to expectations. One of their problems is the Russian air-defense system may be the best in the world. Also, keep in mind Russia has operational hypersonic missiles, and the Russians have been working on an air-defense capability to counter hypersonic missiles; whereas the West not only does not possess the capability to defend against hypersonic missiles, but also, the West does not have operational hypersonics. Next in line was the M777 Howiters, well to keep things short – they are failing to be effective. Next are the MLRS’s, well in my opinion The New Atlas is convincing (24:45).

The Green religion is so important for “those that be” you might remember when the Russian invasion began, it was not the Ukrainian civilians, but rather Former U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry was worried

…on Feb. 24 the war escalation will distract people from climate change. Then at Davos attending the annual World Economic Forum, Kerry voiced his concern of a “false narrative” preventing them from “the need to move forward and address the climate crisis.” There are some people in the world who believe their words make reality. Not that words are a tool to communicate objective reality, including play and creativity, but human words themselves shape the very universe we live in. Maybe Kerry should scream louder for anybody who cares what drivel flows out of his mouth. Before anybody says it, yes, I know his crowd screams i.e., Green Social Credit Score, but as I said, “They” push scandalous drivel and scream like an old landlady.

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