May 30, 2022

Updated: Jul 29

Globalists advance a narrative that may be with us at least through the U.S. Fall elections and possibly until the U.S. 2024 Presidential elections. A May 29 Guardian article continued the Russiagate theme by blaming Trump and Putin for destruction, violence, failure, collusion, or any combination thereof for Afghanistan, Israel and Palestine, Iran, North Korea, China, and Ukraine. Trump and Putin are still working together for the 2024 elections, so states the articles opinion. Meanwhile, nobody ever does anything wrong at the Guardian or in the Biden Administration, so we all may remain hopeful the Ministry of Truth will clear things up.

Oh wait, she's gone! Yet, remember, that does not mean the Disinformation Governance Board is gone. The U.S. government put together a team to revise its roll-out while the globalist apologists are out in full force:

"The U.S. government has suspended the activities of its disastrously launched Disinformation Governance Board. An outfit with such an unfortunate name and ill-defined mission was bound to fail. That doesn’t mean the idea was wrong—just poorly conceived."

The above quote is from a Foreign Policy article titled Americans, like Swedes, Need Help Telling Fact from Fiction calling, amongst other things, for the U.S. to have so-called experts teach elementary students how to discern fact from fiction and to expand the Ministry of Truth more broadly throughout society. These experts and the government will falsely plumb line the truth moderating authoritarian limits of consent. Just like the globalists in the court system are already trying to argue censorship=freedom of speech in Florida and Texas social media cases. The double-speak betrays the authoritarians lack of empathy as censorship for the protection of freedom will only cause further devastation and harm to an already declining, violent society: 214 U.S. Mass Shootings in 2022. Can anybody seriously wonder why the homeschooling movement is growing?

Other recent news, the EU is still trying to find ways to sanction Russian oil, and follow their plan of the Great Reset and Environmental movement. With the warmer months upon us, be cautious as the nymph tick season is here; nymph’s are immature ticks and are considered especially dangerous due to their small size. Lastly, as is typical, last month's U.S. GDP report (-1.4%) more accurate report was released: 1st quarter 2022: -1.5%.

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