May 27, 2022

Updated: Jul 29

The West had been sanctioning Russia since 2008. After the West increased sanctions, aka shock and awe, due to the Russian special military operation (smo) in Ukraine, Russia increased their interest rates to 20% to deal with the shock and awe, but Russia now reports, after 90 days, Russia’s interest rates have managed to be drawn down to 11% which is near the pre-shock and awe level. Meanwhile in the U.S., the Federal Reserve is having a difficult time raising interest rates above 1%, because if they raise them high enough to rid inflation the U.S. faces the increased possibility of an economy worse than the Great Depression, but if the Fed does not raise the rates, then the U.S. faces the increased possibility of a U.S. Dollar crash.

Russia had $300 billion Foreign Exchange Reserve in central banks prior to the smo and had previously gone along with the West's narrative the money had been confiscated until now. The EU and Reuters admitted the West confiscated $130 billion, not the previously held amount. It seems Russia allowed the West’s statements to be reported undebated. Thus, with the recent admittance by the West, Russia has a lot more reserve money than the West propagandized.

Meanwhile back in the U.S., the Biden Administration by the Department of Education press released K-12 schools and other organizations must allow boys and girls to use the same bathroom and staff must use the preferred boys or girls pronoun or else these institutions will not receive federal food funding, thus parents and children are extorted by the U.S. government into accepting Westernized gender policies or else “no food for you”.

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