May 27, 2022

Updated: Jul 29

The vast reports sourced from Ukraine (Kiev), Russia, and the West ever since the Russian special military operation escalation in February 24, 2022 of the 8 year old (started 2013-4) Ukrainian Civil War between the Ukrainian Monist (Globalist-Nazis coalition) and Pluralists (diverse Ukrainian society) summarized as follows:

This first reflection tried to establish a background of recent current events, and is longer than what I anticipate to be a typical post. From the beginning of the Russian special military operations in Ukraine, Russia had overwhelmed Ukraine. In the brief first days or weeks the Russians lost more forces (equipment and men) in part due to Russia's operation in the first phase to invade very fast as part of the overall strategy in relative comparison to most of April and May. The Russians invaded so fast they left Ukrainians to their rear and were open to ambushes and multiple fronts. Since the Russians strategized to apply fast pressure on Kiev politicians, and also to have their (Russian) military in positions throughout the rest of Ukraine, including Kiev, to "fix" (military term) Ukrainian forces in various geographic positions to keep the Ukrainian forces from supporting, and thus be cut-off, from their (Ukrainian) forces in the Donbas region. Supplies get into the Donbas, though decreasingly and with increased difficulty every day while large numbers of Ukrainian reinforcements are kept busy in other regions due to the Russian tactic of fixing.

After the initial phase, involving speed discussed above, Russia in the Donbas moved operationally at the pace needed to defeat Ukrainian forces, which the latter had time to dig in for 8 years. The needed time by the Russians was slower than the initial invasion burst, which is not unusual for any military considering what the Russians had to confront. Some Ukrainian structures are miles in length underground. Concrete, steel, and earth are the materials making up the structures. Russia had been on average, at least in the past 30 days or so or possibly since the beginning, been firing 40,000-50,000 artillery shells each day on Ukrainian dug-in positions with estimates reported for every 300 shells Russia fires Ukraine fires 3. With the 8-year arms build-up in tremendous loss, the additional NATO ammo resupply since Feb. 24th falls far short to provide Ukraine with any meaningful logistical support.

Ukrainian President Zelensky, recently had admitted the Ukrainian military had been losing hundreds of men a day. Some reports place those numbers much higher. Ukrainian morale propaganda, which is a common Western strategy not only in war but for economic consumer confidence, probably covered a worse situation with an admittedly bad one. Recent reports (videos, reporters, etc.) showed Ukrainian forces with aged men (40+) and undertrained local home guards and younger men. There are still hardened, trained, military ripe Ukrainian men, but these reports of older and much younger men, contribute to the suggestion Ukraine is running out of a fighting force. Russia had barely lost any men or equipment, except for the initial fast paced phase at the start of the invasion. Casualty reports by both sides are not openly disclosed to the world, so what little reporting does circulate seems to paint a picture I have highlighted.

After the talks in Turkey failed, due to the West applying pressure on Zelensky to reject any peace agreements, UK's PM Boris Johnson's pressure an example by Pro-Ukraine, Pro-War Nationalist media touted. Russia had pulled away from Kiev initially based on the progress of talks in Turkey as a good-will gesture, but those talks have now ceased. Nothing had changed, ever since 2014, the West, including Kiev, continue to refuse any peace settlement and have only escalated what began as a persecution and extermination against the Pluralists, which include Pro-Russian, Russian-speaking, and ethnic-Russian peoples living Ukraine into a Civil War mainly centered in the Donbas to now an expanded war against the Donetsk and Lugansk Republics, Russia, and its' allies.

The West had been waging its typical propaganda war against its own citizens, but had just only recently begun to open up on how bad Ukraine and the West is losing the war. The only part of the war the West had been winning for some time had been the propaganda war. The fake Ghost of Kiev, fake Snake Island, fake Last Stand in Mariupol, Ukrainian PR campaign counter-offensives, and false flags. To the latter, there was no Russian airstrike on a hospital, also questions are raised about a Russia bombing a Mariupol theater, doubts about Russia committing mass killings in Bucha, no Russian missile strike at a railway station, etc.... Of course, some these things happened - Ghost of Kiev did not happen! - but the blame was wrongly placed. Alex Christoforou reported two notable lies: The West will not allow Ukraine to join NATO (Alex, 0:00, reported 2014 U.S. Ambassador McFaul at a debate in May, 2022) and the lie Russia is blockading grain ships leaving the Odessa port, thus Russia is causing the Global Food Crisis, which Alex I believe accurately reported Ukrainian mines are in fact the problem (Alex, 14:12). The West's strategic propaganda had been the sole winning tool both domestic and foreign fronts, and even that collapses, more or less depending on what and where, like the judicial testimony provided implicating Hillary Clinton in the massive Russiagate that plagued the U.S. during the Trump administration and continue to propagandize the public into a frenzy against those pesky Ruskies.

It was reported today the Western media is deescalating their propaganda as the CIA outlet Washington Post admitted what for some had been obvious for some time now: Ukraine is losing the war. In a May 19 Pentagon Briefing, Russia had hardly lost any tanks, artillery, airplanes, men, etc. since the beginning of the war (in case one needs definitions to the quote from the Brief: "military capability" or "defense assets"), as quoted here from the Briefing:

"Russians still have available to them a significant amount of their amassed combat capability from back in the fall. They still have a numerical advantage, they still have a lot more in military capability available to them. I mean, we just need to bear in mind that the Russians do have a significant amount of their combat capability left to them." (italics mine)

Russia's economy is robust; Biden is no economist - the ruble is not rubble. The U.S. probably is failing into either a Great Depression (if the Fed will increase interest rates) or Currency crash (if the Fed will not increase interest rates). Politically, economically, culturally, and militarily the U.S. is on the wane and weaker in significant sectors compared to an ever-growing stronger Russia, China, and increasingly many other non-West nations, as the U.S. increasingly experiences what supposedly only failed states are to undergo e.g., no baby formula. 65% of Russians view themselves as Russian Orthodox Christians and in general conservative compared to an increasingly non-Christian U.S. policy.

To close, I keep hearing other people talk about these creaks and cracks sounding-off. I am limited in my knowledge, but the knowledge held, even if limited, is an opinion by an ordinary person who has to make decisions based upon how the circumstances present themselves, then act. Of course, I rationalize, intuit, feel, and incorporate my five senses, but ultimately submission to our King, God, and Savior Jesus Christ. Our Triune God and His Word as written - Holy Scriptures - are our only infallible and inerrant counsel in this fallen world where the only offer of a solution every person's sin and guilt is repentance and faith in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. In this first entry, you may notice I am unable to jot down every nuisance and data. There is so much more to talk about, but the first entry is already much longer than the anticipated short reflections on current events the website will be dedicated to as I hear about the current events from the woods.

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