June 1, 2022

Updated: Jul 29

Kiev’s Rebrand of the Azov Nazis: Unofficial Operation Whitewash continues. Some background: 2013-14 Kiev-Ukraine Coup nationalists, as opposed to the Crimea, Donetsk, and Lugansk which eventually became their own republics or united with the Russian Federation, increasingly militarized their politics and ideology. Persuasion lessened (and continues to do so) as authoritarian practices led by philosophical Banderite Nazis took a national hold. Any conscience dissent was countered by anything from Ukrainian Lustration Act to being labeled terrorists. The former also called Law on Cleansing of the Authorities led to at least 1 million purged from government jobs, having paint dump on them, thrown in garbage cans, property confiscated, or some even killed all with government oversight, etc. The latter were labeled terrorists by Kiev for being anti-Maidan, meaning these were the people who refused to submit to the nationalist Coup, thus were considered by Kiev rebels and terrorists. Kiev’s Anti-Terrorist Operation (ATO) laid the groundwork for the Ukrainian Civil War as sides in the political and ideological strife manifested into broader physical violent clashes on the battlefield.

The Odessa massacre on May 14, 2014 where over 30 people were killed is an example of violence in the geographic south pre-Russia smo. Crimea is an example of a people who quickly held a referendum to vote for a succession into the Russian Federation to avoid Kiev’s political and ideological hostility. The Donbass region became the main frontline of the Civil War and recent focus of the escalation by the Russian special military operation.

Jan. 1, 2014 about 15,000 Ukrainians march in Kiev to honor the Ukrainian Nazi Bandera

There are other tools in the extreme Ukrainian nationalist toolbox that have been used since 2014. One tool was universities subjected and willingly colluding as liberals nationwide united with the Nazis. Another was the consolidation of the media, which had been a typical method even prior to 2014 used by Oligarchs at a regional or national level to propagandize citizens. One more I want to mention is the Ukrainian government’s Institute of National Memory (UINP). The nation no longer operating under a tolerated atmosphere of diverse opinions, dialogue, and debate placed extreme tensions on human core issues in which the wagons were circled around history itself. Informed history, overseen by the Ukrainian government, was the only history; a history bent on protecting, and subsequently whitewashing to Mass Line the population, the glorification of their Nazi past and present. The 2004 Orange Revolution witnessed the Nazi nationalist revival and 2006 establishment of the UINP, which oversaw the whitewashing of Bandera and Shukhevich into official national heroes. In May 2015, then Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko signed into law prosecution against dissenters who “publicly exhibit a disrespectful attitude” or “deny the legitimacy” of Kiev’s ever-expanding official history. Volodymyr Viatrovich Head of the UINP when the new law was established oversaw the expansion of the nationalist version of history by for example, whitewashing the 1943 Ukrainian Nazi organized military wing (UPA) of the OUN-B into a democratic organization.

Current Event. The background brings today’s reflection into our current event from the woods. Kiev has rebranded the Nazi Azov military force by changing their explicit Nazi badge (derived from the German Nazi symbols Wolfsangel and Panzer SS) and Kiev replaced the badge with another illustrating instead the Ukrainian Trident national symbol. The Unofficial codenamed Operation Whitewash continues….

Nazi German 2nd SS Panzer Ukrainian Azov Nazis

Ukrainian Trident Ukrainian Trident on Rebranded Azov

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