June 9, 2022

Updated: Jul 29

U.S. called-out Nazi Problem in Ukraine. This post provides some Western resources pre-Feb.24th covering the 'Neo-Nazis problem in Ukraine', plus some other things to consider.

What is this at the Library of Congress, which was overseen by the EU Venice Commission?The EU stated Ukraine went comparatively too far in the Lustration Act; I have not read these links as they are too long for my priorities, but I merely provided these links to reference sources to the Act itself. The purges of over a million people in Ukraine due to the Lustration Act is why I brought this up (purges: fired from job, harassment, property confiscated, public events of shame, some killed, etc.).

Ukrainian Nationalists Lustrate Pro-Russian, 2015, Pro-Nationalist article

The West recognized a Nazi problem in Ukraine. The Times of Israeli, the Ottawa Times, Georgetown University, the U.S. State Department (there is a ton of stuff, but keyword type "SBU" for a starter), a Kiev newspaper, Facebook had banned Azov then unbanned them, the U.S. Congress, also NBC news (note: published after Feb.24, maybe they did not get the memo yet?), the Atlantic Council (think-tank for NATO and U.S. gov't), The Nation, and Reuters. The list is not exhaustive. These are major, arguably very pro-Western government propaganda spokesmen. Other Western, mainstream media televised accounts on NBC, BBC, The Guardian, Time, etc., that I will not link, are easily found on youtube.

Bandera honor march, Kiev, 2018

Then, there are other considerations: the court cases from Maidan, western scholars (which I have left out but who wrote extensively on Ukraine over the past decade and more), the Ukrainian Institute of National Memory and events surrounding it, recently Ukraine rid one of their propaganda leaders, Lyudmyla Denisova, because of pressure on the Kiev government due to her constant lies about Russians raping women and children (it was something Western Liberals could not stomach I guess), then the complete fabrications of the Ghost of Kiev, Snake Island, on and on.

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