June 8, 2022

Updated: Jul 29

Elon Musk. (updated below June 9) There are a lot of questions with him. To me, not in all ways of course, but in some, he is like Bruce Wayne, Tony Stark, or Howard Hughes. A man with lots of money who liked to dabble with technological gadgets, sported adventures, and loved PR.

Howard Hughes (later in life was a recluse)

Whether freedom of speech on a social media platform fits his quark is unknown. One early-on challenge came from the EU, telling Musk he must follow their laws, because the EU is on board with doublespeak: free speech=censorship. Musk stated he would follow the law, what else can Musk do? In the U.S., there is the Disinformation Governance Board (DGB), and the Supreme Court put a halt on Texas HB 20 free speech, which impacts NetChoice v. Attorney General, Florida. Wikipedia called HB 20 censorship, when in actuality in my opinion, social media giving warnings about a post, manipulating a post, or banning a user due to political views are the censorship measures. Of course unlawful civic discourse should be condemned, but lawful political views should not be censored in the public square. In an era when free speech=censorship, ala Nina types, then what?

Authoritarian political tactics in the streets i.e, social media, distinct from authoritarian tactics from the government can work in tangent. Gordon Hahn wrote pertaining to the Ukrainian Nationalists as follows:

In addition, neofascist and ultranationalist parties do not devote the bulk of the energies to politicking. They are more interested in intimidation and violence as the means to carry out politics than in persuasion and compromise.

Social media censorship is a form of street intimidation and violence. With this in mind, in my opinion, Elon Musk under pressure will not side with free speech, but will he even buy Twitter? Interesting what Peter Schiff said on The Megyn Kelly Show on April 15 and April 29:

April 15th:

April 29th:

*Updated June 9, 2022*

Leaked Documents of DGB: Response to leak: Senators Letter and Press Release.

(DGB planned to work with social media to manipulate user content and enforce governments undisclosed definition and practice on disinformation aligning with the doublespeak of free speech=censorship)

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