June 7, 2022

Updated: Jul 29

Today's theme: Lies or Mistakes. I am no professor and maybe there is a better definition, but when I think of propaganda the political term varies from a patriotic bias for one's own country to authoritarian measures. The former is not necessarily deceptive in a country participating in conversation, debate, and healthy political party coalitions. In the main, the latter is when all these freedoms, considerations, and empathetic dealings are comparatively limited and suppressed.

The U.S. government lies about the war in Ukraine. Not my words but theirs. At least we do not have to guess whether the government was lying or made mistakes on these matters. Yet, the reason why is when things get fuzzy. The U.S. gov't states these lies are released, or at times, phrase these "low-confidence" intelligence releases with the purpose to head-fake Putin or Russia. Fuzzy? Yes, because does Russia rely on U.S. Propaganda about Russia to know what Russia is doing? For example, U.S. officials disclosed they had no evidence Russia had chemical weapons in Ukraine, but the U.S. went ahead with the propaganda stating Russia might be preparing to use chemical weapons. Hypothetically, U.S. propaganda stating everybody left Kiev, including government officials, when the full city did not leave would be propaganda to deceive Russia. The lies obviously ineffective which at the most would only make Russia question itself, which is laughable, is propaganda against Westerners. (NBC on "Intel isn't Rock Solid")

Former U.S. Ambassador Michael McFaul gave us supposed insight into the "real world", which according to McFaul is about lying:

Ministry of Truth condemns whose lies? It's own or those who question the official government narrative?

(Senator Rand Paul questions Homeland Secretary Mayorkas on the Disinformation Governance Board, May 4, 2022)

Posted June 6, 2022 (start: 18:20), Peter Schiff on The Jimmy Dore Show discussed, amongst other things, the lies of President Obama pertaining to then Fed. Chair Janet Yellen who not only failed at the 2008 Great Recession but stated her "mistakes" about the current crisis, which she continues to fail according to some economic forecasters to realize the coming Greater Depression or U.S. Currency crash.

Russiagate, the nation pressured by a lie to divide between Anti-Russians on one side / Russia and those who hold no beef with Russia on the other side. This kind of rhetoric and practice first reared its ugly head in Ukraine.

(Bandera statue in Lviv, Ukraine)

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