June 17, 2022

Updated: Jul 29

People knew something was wrong, which gave Ross Perot, an Independent candidate leader, a platform in the 1992 and 1996 Presidential elections. In 2000, Ralph Nader, Green Party candidate, received enough votes to cause complaint among the Democrat Party claiming he took votes away from Al Gore contributing to the Democrat loss to Republican President George W. Bush. Ron Paul ran as a Libertarian candidate in 1988, but third party movements do not go far in the U.S., which probably had to do with him running in the Republican Party in 2008 and 2012; his End the Fed movement contributed to the larger Tea Party Movement, that was not a third party, but a movement within the Republican Party. The GOP with the Republican Party became known as the Establishment Republicans that movements, like the Tea Party, within the Republican Party tried to politically oust from party leadership. President Trump in 2016 early-on mulled running as a third party candidate, but there was political pressure against such a move: one argument was the only winner would be the Hillary Clinton led Democratic Party because Trump would only be splitting the Republican Party. So instead, Trump ran a campaign as an outsider, an anti-establishment, and non-GOP candidate. What these movements have suggested to Americans for a long time is the established elites hold motives and policies completely disconnected from the purposes and needs of the people. A monopoly on political party options is no longer effective, so Presidential election rigging and authoritarian measures increasingly disclose an elite power grab. The elites increasingly force the public out of the public square. What is wrong with this image below?

In my opinion, the two parties agree too much. They collude with each other. "They" are the disconnected establishment. They are the One-Party system.

Some other news. President Assad of Syria is joining Russia in recognizing the Donetsk People's Republic. All children born in Kherson after Feb. 24th are automatically considered Russian citizens. Julian Assange is off to America. Russian natural gas pipeline flows from Germany to France have been stopped. Yesterday I wrote how the turbine fan from Canada cannot, due to sanctions, be sent and fitted into Nord Stream 1 - it's as if the Western nations are sanctioning themselves too! Not just sanctions against Russia boomeranging to hurt the West, but actual sanctions and moves against each other?

Some local news of mine. Gas prices were up to $5.09, one place was $5.15, but they are back down to $4.99. Pennsylvania (PA) farmers are being crushed by diesel prices suggesting the possibility of food shortages; PA cannot be the only state having this problem. Lastly, and I am being cynical here, a high school graduate is headlined for being able to paint rocks with positive messages; since kindergarten school children can paint rocks too, then I guess we can say we can still applaud ourselves for maintaining egalitarianism. If children do not fail or receive bad reports for bad grades or actions, then maybe everybody can graduate knowing how to paint rocks and we can all get in the news for our abilities.

(Pennsylvania Farm)

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