June 16, 2022

Updated: Jul 29

Rock and a Hard Place. The Fed. raised interest rates .75% yesterday putting the Federal Interest Rate at 1.5%-1.75%. Inflation is at 8.6% which puts inflation, if using pre-1990 methods of calculation at around 17%. In my opinion, the trajectory horizon paces the U.S. either toward a Greater Depression (higher fed. interest rates) or a Dollar currency collapse (fed. interest rates do not go high enough, stay the same, or are lowered). Rock and a hard place.

Russia made three announcements. First, from the beginning of special military operations to June 15, they have taken over more than 816 cities, towns, and villages. Second, Russia claims 200,000 Ukrainian soldiers have been lost. Third, some Russian sources state Russia will make a further mobilization based on events happening in Taiwan; what that mobilization is, is unclear. A separate announcement by the Kherson government stated all children born after Feb. 24 are automatically Russian citizens.

The British government and media continue to ignore the Donetsk (DPR) and Lugansk (LPR) Republics. The British and American mercenaries captured by DPR caused the United Kingdom to instruct Kiev to get the foreign mercenaries released, meaning the West will not address DPR directly so as to not give them any official recognition. This was reported by Alexander Mercouris today on The Duran live show w/ EarlGrey. I want to add, how important the continued ignoring is. It goes to the heart of the conflict in Ukraine, which is the West's-Kiev endeavor to rid Pro-Russians and Russians not only in Ukraine but in Russia and is the antagonist rhetoric against some in the West's own domestic population. Although, this divisive rhetoric and application existed prior to the 2004 Orange Revolution in Ukraine, the Orange Revolution was a political escalation and the 2014 U.S.-led Ukrainian Maidan Coup was the military escalation of the division laying the foundation for the Ukrainian Civil War.

Kiev is admitting higher causalities and even a losing of the war, though the latter is at this time contextualized as a losing if NATO will not send more money and weapons. Kiev is always trying to get the West to escalate the war one way or another, which the West is always doing the same to Kiev. As for the former, President Zelensky had recently stated Ukraine loses are at ca. 100 deaths and 500 wounded a day, but even more recently, Wednesday, June 15, David Arakhamia, head of the ruling party in the Ukraine parliament, admitted Ukrainian loses to be ca. 500 deaths with 500 wounded a day.

The West assumes in 10 years green technology will have developed enough for a wide-spread green utopia. Biden puts pressure on Oil Companies to lower gas prices. The EU will not allow a natural gas pipeline in Greece to be completed. Western sanctions on Russia, have impacted food availability, industry and energy sectors worldwide. The EU is in a nosedive due to these measures; they have shot themselves in the foot. Due to Canadian sanctions, a turbine needed to replace an old one in European owned Nord Stream 1 Baltic Sea pipeline is unable to be delivered thereby cutting off a major source of national gas to Germany; western sanctions, oddly, have been placed between Western allied nations themselves. There is controversy as to whether the "cutting off" is purposeful, or not, because Western nations make moves possibly disclosing a desire to make and keep Germany weak. The Global South is impacted even more by these sanctions as the West enjoys to bully its hegemony upon everybody in the world. The West's actions not only with sanctions but their very open ideological dream for a greenies utopia stir a series of well-founded conspiracies about the West's intentions to transition, hold, and grow authoritarian hegemonic power not only on foreign matters but domestic.

Social unrest. Protests in France by the Left, though Macron won the election, Parliamentary elections seem to disclose centrist Macron's win was not out of conviction but instead due to the inability of the Left (currently represented by Jean-Luc Mélenchon) and Right (Marine Le Pen) to oust in elections Macron's political power. Sri Lanka is imploding; its economic structure underwent a complete collapse. There are numerous protests and government employees have been given a day-off intently in order to give these employees time to maintain homegrown food production, like gardens. England may have train worker strikes. There were numerous protests when there were COVID lockdowns and now as the West moves into economic instability, it would be unsurprising domestic violence increases as events further devolve.

U.S. food sources. Suspicious amounts of fires destroying 40,607,300 chickens in numerous U.S. States at various farms and facilities between March 4 and May 31. I did the math using the following list: here. There have been fires destroying food process plants and cows, turkey's, and ducks at farms and facilities, also. A report from yesterday, the last number I heard was ca. 3,000 cows are claimed to have died from heat exhaustion in Kansas stirring a controversy as some familiar with cows have come out saying this is not possible and either neglect or other foul-play could be a work; the controversy is unresolved.

As the saying goes, we, in the West, are between a rock and a hard place.

Are traditional freedoms in the West being lost? Are crisis' of the West's own making an opportunity or intentional making, for what?

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