June 14, 2022

Updated: Jul 29

Ukraine's Ministry of Truth. Confidence men tricks. What are they tryin' to sell ya?

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My comments on some quotes from a Guardian Dec. 2014 article headlined "Ukraine Forms 'Ministry of Truth' to Regulate the Media":

"Ukraine has a new government ministry. This month, the parliament voted to create a ministry of information policy that will be led by Yuriy Stets, the head of the information security department of the national guard."

Former U.S. Homeland Security Secretary (HS) Michael Chertoff currently helps lead a review of the U.S. Disinformation Governance Board (DGB), "tasked with providing recommendations on how the department can garner public trust surrounding its disinformation efforts." The DGB review oversight by an armed enforcement agency: HS, mirrors its' kin-relative the Ukrainian Ministry of Information Policy in having a leader who is familiar with enforcement: Stets within National Guard and Chertoff within HS. Chertoff and Stets backgrounds demonstrate they were not skilled in the art of compromise and persuasion, but rather, in the art of violence and intimidation. The Guardian,

"[The Ukraine Ministry of Information Policy is to] take measures to protect citizens from “partial, ill-judged and unreliable information..."

Sound familiar? To protect freedom of speech and act against disinformation. Of course, the language is all double-speak.

"Stets promises that his department will be dissolved as soon as the war ends."

Has the war in Ukraine ended? I do not mean the recent escalation pertaining to Russia's special military operation, but the Ukrainian Civil War, involving the Donetsk and Lugansk Republics, Kiev's aspirations for Russia Crimea, and the threats and acts of violence against Ukrainian Pluralists (think banning of political opposition, etc.), Pro-Russians, and ethnic Russians. How will it ever end when the West continues, 8 years running, to refuse peace?

"There are fears, therefore, that the ministry of information policy is being created not so much to combat an external enemy as to suppress internal opposition."

On my June 8 (updated post), I linked the current DGB whistleblower controversy, including U.S. Senators' letters on the matter. One the DGB's deceptive tasks, now disclosed in the controversy, was to actively participate in domestic censorship. The Ministry of Truth steps taken in Ukraine are not only mimicked in practice in the U.S., but the fear made reality by implementation in Ukraine knocks on the door of the United States of America. Even the propaganda contents are the same:

It is no accident the first official Head of the DGB, Nina Jankowicz, before her appointment, spent time in Ukraine working in their government in the Strategic Communications sector of the Ministry of Information Policy (later name changed to Ministry of Culture and Information Policy) - their version of the Ministry of Truth I mentioned at the beginning of this post. Prior to her time in Ukraine, she held the position of Disinformation Fellow at the Wilson Center. Her skill at disinformation was given real-time, practical experience while in Ukraine in their very active Ministry of Truth during civil war time conditions. Yes, Nina is officially gone from the DGB. Yet, the demonstrated mirroring and participation between the U.S. and Ukraine not just in acts of corruption (think Hunter Biden's stint in Ukraine), military (proxy war), etc., but the brick and mortar institutional propaganda by a Ministry of Truth in both nations are glaringly obvious.

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