July 4, 2022

Updated: Jul 29

The Endless War: Diplomacy Weakens Western Alliance. The Western Alliance was never as united as the Western propaganda narrative wanted everybody to believe. Although, it's global authoritarian measures should not be minimized or overlooked.

Before the Feb. 24th escalation of the already Ukrainian Civil War, on Feb. 1st the United Kingdom, Poland, and Ukraine had disclosed their efforts to strengthen cooperation between each other:

"'I hope that in the near future we will be able to officially launch a new regional format of cooperation Ukraine-Poland-UK, in the context of ongoing Russian aggression, we should sign a trilateral document on cooperation to strengthen regional security,' Ukrainain Prime Minister Denys Shmygal said during a joint news conference with Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki.

Feb. 17th a joint statement was released between the United Kingdom, Poland, and Ukraine:

"...we agreed today to develop a Trilateral Memorandum of Co-operation. This will demonstrate our commitment to further strengthening the strategic cooperation and engagement between our 3 nations on the highest priority issues in support of Ukraine."

The Feb. 1st hope of a "trilateral document on cooperation" further progressed on Feb. 17th into an agreement "to develop a Trilateral Memorandum of Co-operation".

On May 30th, it was reported the UK proposed a European Commonwealth at the beginning of April when PM Boris Johnson visited Kiev. The proposal expands the cooperative from the previous 3 nations (UK, Poland, Ukraine) to 6 possibly 7 nations:

"...led by the UK, this “European Commonwealth” could also include Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania – all of which are EU members – as well as Ukraine and possibly Turkey later."

What can be noted is the divisiveness in the Western Alliance. The proposed European Commonwealth would compete with the European Union and NATO, because their interests overlap. In my June 28th post "A Violent Dystopia", I clipped a segment of a Council on Foreign Relations May 31st meeting. Richard Haass stated the war in Ukraine must continue because diplomacy will weaken (and one may wonder: breakup?) the Western Alliance. Here is the clip with some additional information (pause video to read the written news if needed):

One clip in the video above is from July 4th, which there is no need to make any further comments. What I do want to mention to end the post is NATO expansion.

Finland, Sweden, Turkey's wheels and deals within NATO politics, and the inclusion of NATO in the Pacific theater (Japan, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand: June 28-30 Madrid NATO meeting) is a Western escalation to confront Russia and China (explicitly BRICS eventually?). The concern to maintain the Western alliance due it's long-standing agenda to make regime changes in Russia and China and implement an authoritarian green utopia within Western hegemony is sadly embedded with a slogan "the endless war" - not diplomacy.

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