July 1, 2022

Updated: Jul 29

Globalists Depraved Form of Freedom. The Globalists, or Western elite, romp around the world obsessed over control, power, ideology, and whatever else tickles their whims.

While my eyes are focused on Kaliningrad (cooling down at the moment), Norway's blockade against Svalbard Russia village, and Syria as NATO member Turkey leverages NATO, it is important to consider the many who will go hungry and starve in the Global South due to the globalist's imposed inadequacies. African nations said to the EU they might go along with sanctioning Russia fertilizers, and the nations will simply produce their own; yet, the EU said 'no' because that will hurt the environment. The Globalists do not care whether people eat, because of their green ideologue, nor whether they have lower gas prices, for whatever floats their boat this week. Some may peacefully adhere to a green ideology, but I am referring to the Globalists manner of fulfillment (see video below). Globalists are not just in the U.S. and EU entangling their creeping vines sucking the life out of wherever they find root. Their goal is unipolarity. Ecuador is a great case in point (Part 1; Part 2) shedding a ton of light on what is happening worldwide in various ways and tempos. Ecuadorian families are trying to shrug the globalist who demand everything at the point of a gun.

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