August 5, 2022

Shell Game Scam Part 2. (Part 1). I called Part 1 a shell game scam, because confidence men and women know how to fraud the public.

(Ill-Matched Lovers by Quentin Matsys; ca.1525;

Note: She is the confidence trickster using her beauty as a distraction,

while her accomplice in the back steals the man's money )

In Part 1, Walter Lippman (d.1974), an influential American writer, whose implemented argument and solution for the public square was as follows: the media should mediate to the public what elite experts resolve to be the best information and practices for society. Thus was born the MSM (mainstream media) we have today with confidence tricks goading the public into trusting the media and the so-called experts. The value of news was replaced with worthless news. The trick is to get the person to let down their guard.

(replica of 1859 1st commercial oil well;

Oil Creek, Northwest PA; oil fuels modern history)

Social Darwinism's wide influence began Post-U.S. Civil War (1865). The theory and practice was not solely admired in high institutes of learning, but entered schools, churches, business, government, and a whole host of cultural institutions demonstrating it's appeal and effectiveness. Social Darwinism being a biological and materialistic interpretative philosophy exploited and guided the scientific and wealth expansions already underway. For the U.S., the widespread adoption of Social Darwinism accelerated the U.S. industrial revolution to eventually surpass the once wealthiest nation Great Britain by around 1900 with Prussia-German Empire (Second German Empire) also a leading economic power by the same year. 1900 was also the same year the 1st air transport took flight in what was called a Zeppelin, 9,000 cars were produced worldwide (Ford's mass production 735,000 in 1916) with a year later (1901): the Commonwealth of Australia was founded, the last of the House of Hanover (r. 1714-1901) Queen Victoria died, Carnegie sold Steel Company to J.P. Morgan (today U.S. Steel), Henry Classification System for fingerprinting first introduced into a police department (which was in the UK), and the first radio waves were transmitted across the Atlantic Ocean by an Italian named Guglielmo Marconi.

There were two major Social Darwinists at the time: William Sumner (Professor at Yale; d. 1910) and Lester Ward (Professor at Brown University; d. 1913). The following continues to be their shell game scam:

Sumner's Social Darwinism was admired and applied by Andrew Carnegie, John Rockefeller, and Fascism. Basic to Sumner's teaching was impersonal, evolutionary forces are at work in the world. The survival of the fittest determines who is successful in business, politics, and other institutions, while his might makes right left no room for morals. According to him, the survival of the fittest emerged to establish the law of civilization. Some common images promoted by Sumner were frontier rugged individualism, monopolies, and no meaningful purpose only impersonal, natural forces working by a law of competition, which allow a few people to help more than harm society's progress. In other words, elites spontaneously and competitively bubble to the top to better society because they are the fittest who survive the hardships of nature and culture. The poor lack fitness but gain benefits from a more fit and thriving elite, as Sumner's ideas would go.

Ward's Social Darwinism largely overlapped the ideas of Karl Marx. Sumner's ideas were more influential during their lifetimes but Ward's overtook Sumner's in time. Ward's ideas laid the foundation for the Welfare State: the Progressive Era government interventions, Roosevelt's New Deal, Truman's Fair Deal to Lyndon Johnson's Great Society, and WEF's Build Back Better, etc. He is considered the father of American sociology. Instead of competition, Ward argued evolution can be governmentally controlled by scientific programs for the betterment of people. Evolution can be harnessed and steered by a trained leadership of sociologists and other social engineers. As with Sumner, the evolutionary forces of life are impersonal, materialistic, overcome by might makes right, and hold no meaningful purpose. Ward's Darwinian materialistic interpretations and practices held no space for marriage, family, and church. One argument he had against marriage and family was they were of the white race. He thought all three had outlived their usefulness, for Ward's better society emerges by the basis of pleasure and pain. If a person feels pain, no matter what the cause, give people pleasures to overcome the pain or remove the pain outright. The trained elite are the final arbiters of evolutionary forces by applying social methods of pleasure and avoiding pain. The fit arbitrator's decisions are nothing personal just evolutions natural conclusion.

To me on a basic level, Sumner is a dog-eat-dog world stepping on Oliver Twist's face, and Ward is a porn addicted, fornicating drug dealer who uses his own stuff. Both dominate the U.S. with there possibly being a good argument Ward may be a hair on top, but the nuanced articulation would only befuddle me. Neither are rooted in U.S. Republic Constitutional ideas nor Christianity. Sumner and Ward openly argued against both. Instead, Sumner's and Ward's materialistic arguments and justifications were based either on wealth, race, might makes right (power), survival of fittest elites, and impersonal evolutionary forces. Sadly, for both: It was nothing personal, it's just how it naturally is:

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